No of Projects completed, since WESS inception till Dec 2017 = 13

Graphs WESS efforts in sub sector with overall coverage and impact on people’s lives of targeted districts at Balochistan:


The chart shows that 218726 children, 99421 females and 79537 males were benefited through this sector. Among these WESS has benefited 61000 girls and 75000 boys in 750 girls and 610 boys’ primary, middle and high schools.

Number of WASH facilities completed in schools

  • 68% household cleanliness improved in targeted area. Reduced incidence of skin diseases and reduction of water-related diseases
  • 34% reduction in diarrhea cases since WASH conditions were introduced as an important outcome, too- as this determines change of behaviour as an important outcome.
  • The WASH interventions also contributed to ensure 7% increase in enrollment in girls due to availability of latrines in girls’ schools.
  • 70% increase in attendance rates for both teachers and students were observed through all the projects. WASH interventions also contributed in 55% reduce cases in drop out of children, similarly 80% participation and punctuality has been witnessed through WESS completed interventions.
  • On an average, water used for washing body, clothing and utensils increased from 18% to 57% population. i.e. 57% targeted household have now 15liter of water per capita per house hold.
  • 90% of the targeted districts that were focused under PATS programme are now certified ODF villages.
  • 70% of the targeted girl’s high schools are practicing good MHM practices.