Social & Economic Empowerment

At WESS level social and economic empowerment has been conceived as the process of developing a sense of self-independence and self-confidence in the population of target areas and acting collectively to change social relationships and the institutions for poverty eradication.

WESS, under the sub sector has struggled for the empowerment of poor peoples of Balochistan through participatory approach by empowering them towards their livelihood sources including but not limited to land, housing, livestock, savings, social services, asset building and the ability to aspire poor people for a better future. Since its inception WESS has completed 09 projects under this sector in different districts of Balochistan.

Demographic Coverage


Number of Districts

Number of UCs

Number of Villages

Beneficiaries covered under different projects




Total Beneficiaries


  • As a result of WESS completed projects 9,283 females are getting increased income opportunities through own business and 5,970 males are getting increased income through job placement and started their own businesses respectively.
  • Job created for 500 youth, who were engaged in different workable places with 45% increase in their economic productivity per year against the baseline. The activities conducted in youth also averted the effects of drug abuse among the youth.
  • 760 trainings were conducted on enterprise development in this regard 10,330 female and 3,870 males were trained on business development skills.
  • The involvement of poor population of targeted communities in local organizations and inter-community cooperation groups significantly contributed to the empowerment of these communities by improving their skills, knowledge and competencies under sub sector. Local organizations were made able to act as self-help mechanisms through which poor people organized their economic activities.