Report Period: Sep 2020-March 2021

Funded by UNOCHA


Location: District Pishin

Summary: The said PHPF-Pakistan Humanitarian Pool Fund project of food security/livelihood is align with the finding of Vulnerability Assessment & Mapping-VAM findings and Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan for COVID-19 Pandemic 2020-objective to Preserve the ability of people most vulnerable to the pandemic to meet basic livelihood needs, through their productive activities and access to social safety nets and humanitarian assistance. It also supports priority response objectives of Phase 4 (emergency) which is to save lives and livelihood. The WESS project also aligns with VAM findings which illustrates that bordering areas like Barshore and refugee populated areas like Saranan for focused interventions. Vulnerability Assessment & Mapping-VAM report also illustrates that Buying power of most of the common people is very low. Traders sell on credit as well, since many of the residents cannot afford to buy on cash. The project also focuses on gender, ageing, disability, accountability and environment inclusive approaches. Project is at an early stage and it is planned that by the end of the project 17,500 population will be benefited (including male, female, PWD, old age) from the project activities. The project will complement the others ongoing response including UNHCR livelihood program to fill any gaps and expand programme coverage horizontally and ensuring effective coordination with relevant partners/sectors and government authorities at district level. The interventions include conditional and unconditional support in the form of cash work, poultry distribution, cash grant, seed distribution, kitchen gardening and cash for training interventions.