Report Period: Jan-Dec 2020

Funded by GIZ RMSP

Beneficiaries: 1,381
Location: District Quetta

Summary: With over 1 million population, Quetta is the biggest city of Balochistan province and 10th biggest city in the country. Located near Pakistan-Afghanistan border, the balance of population was asymmetric in the city and no significant measures were taken for management of burdened resources. Special children are mostly vulnerable sections of the society and they are exposed to protection and acceptance issues. To facilitate and meet the urgent needs of special children, different development actors are supporting the social welfare sector in the province. In this regard intervention of the project through the support of GIZ was implemented in the compound of the Social Welfare Department of Quetta, to strengthen the existing facilities which currently has an enrollment of 181, having special children from both host and refugee populations.

The target facility is situated in UC Shadenzai of Quetta District. The support was provided by renovating the target facilities of physically & visually impaired venues of schools of special children. Project interventions were mainly focused on renovation of existing facilities, provision of raw materials furniture and fixtures and rehabilitation of existing WASH facilities for physically handicapped children and school for visually handicapped children. The facilities of special children were identified and selected in consultation with the Director General (DG) Social Welfare Department. Technical feasibility made possible through a number of visits to the sites and consultative meetings with officials of the social welfare department. The project implementation was challenged by the COVID-19 lockdown, which resulted in modification of some of the activities. The project has been completed within time and has benefited directly 181 children of these facilities through different interventions, whereas awareness and hygiene related interventions focused on 1,200 beneficiaries of the surrounding of the target area.

This institutional building project intervened in refurbishment of existing infrastructure, back to school campaigns (after COVID-19 lockdown), awareness raising, WASH interventions and IPC related interventions. The special children host and refugee are being facilitated from across the districts.