No of projects completed under sub sector = 19

Overall Demographic coverage under Education sector:

WESS has covered 16 districts, 49850 householders, 1910 villages and 137 UCs in the province of Balochistan.

Beneficiaries coverage (Number of children and schools covered under Education sector): 


The charts show that WESS has benefited 124500 girls and 89000 boys in targeted schools in Education sector

Coverage of boys and girls schools in targeted districts:

823 1122 44 90 23 33

WESS interventions in non-formal own established set-ups:

112,90,30,20 NFE girls, NFE Boys, ECE girls and ECE boys were respectively established by WESS in past 18 years of its programme operations. The enrolment of NFE and ECE were 9080 and 2250 respectively. WESS has also mainstreamed 5697 boys and 4091 girls respectively against the set thresholds in different projects.

Other support and interventions in Schools: